Why choose us

About the Company


Sona is a UI/UX design and development boutique agency, that concentrates on quality and client satisfaction. The biggest goal of ours is to hear that you’ve recommended us to your partners and friends. That’s how we measure our success.

Always perform on time and strictly meet deadlines

Never compromise on quality (Never Carl, Never!)

Put our clients first

Underpromise & Overdeliver

Why perfect your website with Sona?

We never overload ourselves, which makes us nimble.

Our typical delivery for entire website design and development is 10-15 working days. Sona designers and developers focus on a single project at a time, to ensure that they are efficient, high-quality and timely. No magic, just results – that’s our secret.

We are budget friendly – exceeding industry standards for website development quality

Sona’s rates are a modest $25/hour, so in most cases full website design and development costs $1,000-$1,300. At this competitive price point we also speak English (real English, the kind you hear on TV), we are consistently on time and the results are reliable.

A risk-free relationship

We invoice our clients only 20% of the project budget pre-delivery, with the remainder paid once we deliver you a website that gets you real results.

We keep our promise – always!

Our word is our bond – our reputation is what Sona stands upon.